Friday, August 5, 2011

T is for Turtle Week

Ok, so I failed miserably at my goal of starting tot/preschool during the month of July. Between being pregnant, anemic, having contractions, having MIL in town for 2 weeks, my husband out of town for a week and my mom being here that week, spending anywhere from 1-3 days a week in doctors offices for appointments/ultrasounds/NSTs, and being generally exhausted and for some reason not really able to function between the hours of 9 - 11am, I did not even manage to get prepared for the weeks, let alone do many activities. The first week "T week" we actually managed to do the most, but after that it went all down hill from there, and mostly we only managed a couple letter matching activities and coloring sheets after that.

I also haven't gotten a whole lot more prepared for the fall, I have been printing/cutting/laminating little bits at a time, but I am so far from having anything really planned prepared.  I am not actually sure that we will start our LOTW stuff until maybe after the baby is born or maybe even January, though I am still trying to get it all printed.  I think I am just going to try to find some fun activities to do with them more during the fall until we get settled with the new baby.  I think I will try to do the sensory bins still each month, and maybe some activities to go with each months theme.  I also bought the Montessori at Home e-book by John Bowman and am reading that a bit at a time to come up with some activities for the boys to do.

Here is a little bit of our "T is for Turtle" week.

We started out with the turtle size sort:

Then we did some letter matching...I ended up getting out one of a different letter for M so that he could have his own.  In order to save on laminating, I glued the lower-case and capital letter match sheets together so I could laminate them as one sheet that would be front and back.  (And for the letter matching, I couldn't find the wooden disks, but I started saving water bottle caps and used those for the letters)
Then they did some color matching with the felt popsicles I made:
That afternoon I put M down for a nap and started some of the You Can Read lessons with T.  Here is his dot to dot sheet:

The next day we started with the dot markers, which the boys liked so then I printed off some circle sheets for them to do also. 

Another day they did some turtle color matching and lacing:

I helped M put his string through the hole and then let him pull it through:

And the last day we made paper plate turtles:

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  1. Hats off to you. I have 2 boys in roughly the same age range, and have difficulty getting things done and I'm not pregnant. Just hang in there. I was just able to get my year's worth of LOTW/theme printables printed out/laminated/cut out b/c the boys were away for a few days. I also back to back as much as I can to save on laminating (and I still went through about 600 sheets) It took a long time but so glad I got it done cause it's hard for me to do week to week. We're starting next week and am nervous w/ both boys doing printable work...I have a feeling fights are going to break out over matching cards. LOL I wouldn't worry about getting everything done with your boys...whatever you can do is beneficial for them. Best wishes for your school year and new baby.

  2. I just love your pond theme it is very helpful to me thanks again and may God Bless you.